HS8381 - INTERPERSONAL SKILLS/LISTENING & SPEAKING (Syllabus) 2017-regulation Anna University

HS8381 - INTERPERSONAL SKILLS/LISTENING & SPEAKING (Syllabus) 2017-regulation Anna University





OBJECTIVES: The Course will enable learners to:
• Equip students with the English language skills required for the successful undertaking of academic studies with primary emphasis on academic speaking and listening skills.
• Provide guidance and practice in basic general and classroom conversation and to engage in specific academic speaking activities.
• improve general and academic listening skills
• Make effective presentations.


Listening as a key skill- its importance- speaking - give personal information - ask for personal information - express ability - enquire about ability - ask for clarification Improving pronunciation - pronunciation basics taking lecture notes - preparing to listen to a lecture - articulate a complete idea as opposed to producing fragmented utterances.


Listen to a process information- give information, as part of a simple explanation - conversation starters: small talk - stressing syllables and speaking clearly - intonation patterns - compare and contrast information and ideas from multiple sources- converse with reasonable accuracy over a wide range of everyday topics.


Lexical chunking for accuracy and fluency- factors influence fluency, deliver a five-minute informal talk - greet - respond to greetings - describe health and symptoms - invite and offer - accept - decline - take leave - listen for and follow the gist- listen for detail


Being an active listener: giving verbal and non-verbal feedback - participating in a group discussion - summarizing academic readings and lectures conversational speech listening to and participating in conversations - persuade.


Formal and informal talk - listen to follow and respond to explanations, directions and instructions in academic and business contexts - strategies for presentations and interactive communication - group/pair presentations - negotiate disagreement in group work.


OUTCOMES: At the end of the course Learners will be able to:
• Listen and respond appropriately.
• Participate in group discussions
• Make effective presentations
• Participate confidently and appropriately in conversations both formal and informal

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