PX4161 - Power Converters Laboratory (Syllabus) 2021-regulation Anna University






• To provide the basic understanding of the dynamic behavior of the power electronic switches
• To make the students familiar with the digital processors used in generation of gate pulses for the power electronic switches
• To make the students acquire knowledge on the design of power electronic circuits and implementing the same using simulation tools
• To facilitate the students to design gate drive circuits for power converters
• To provide the fundamentals of DC-AC power converter topologies and analyze the harmonics.

1. Study of switching characteristics of Power MOSFET & IGBT.
2. Circuit Simulation of Three-phase semi-converter with R,RL& RLE load.
3. Circuit Simulation of Three-phase fully controlled converter with R, RL & RLE load.
4. Circuit Simulation of Three-phase Voltage Source Inverter in 180 and 120 degree mode of conduction
5. Circuit simulation of Three-phase PWM inverter and study of spectrum analysis for various modulation indices.
6. Simulation of Four quadrant operation of DC Chopper.
7. Generation of Gating pulse using Arduino/Micro Controller/PIC microcontroller for a DC- DC converter and single-phase voltage source inverter.
8. Simulation of a single-phase Z-source inverter with R load.
9. Simulation of three-phase AC voltage Controller with R load.
10. Simulation of a five-level cascaded multilevel inverter with R load.
11. Simulation of a Flyback DC-DC converter


• Comprehensive understanding on the switching behaviour of Power Electronic Switches
• Comprehensive understanding on mathematical modeling of power electronic system and ability to implement the same using simulation tools
• Ability of the student to use arduino/microcontroller for power electronic applications
• Ability of the student to design and simulate various topologies of inverters and analyze their harmonic spectrum
• Ability to design and fabricate the gate drive power converter circuits. Analyze the three- phase controlled rectifiers and isolated DC-DC converters for designing the power supplies


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