FT3304 Syllabus - Fabric Structures - 2021 Regulation Anna University

FT3304 Syllabus - Fabric Structures - 2021 Regulation Anna University


• Structures of basic, simple and compound weaves
• Structures of pile and leno structures; graphing for spot and jacquard figuring
• Different weft knit and warp knit structures

Basic Weaves: Plain, Twill, Sateen, Warp Rib, Weft Rib, Mat; Draft and peg-plan of these weaves Simple Weaves: Wavy Twill, Herring Bone, Diamond, Diaper; Ordinary Honey comb, Brighton Honey comb, Mock-leno, Huck-a-back, Crepe; Colour and weave effect; Draft and peg-plan of basic and simple weaves

Compound Weaves: Basic construction of – Plain face Bedford cord, Plain face welt, Twill face Warp Backed, Weft Backed structures; Plain face Extra Warp, Extra Weft structures produced by heald; Twill face self-stitched Double Cloth, Interchanging plain double cloth;

Pile Weaves and Leno: Basic construction of - Warp pile-Velvet, Terry Pile, Weft Pile- Velveteen and Corduroy; Basic Leno structure Dobby and Jacquard Design: Spot Figure graphing, Steps involved in graphing for figured fabrics, Basics of computer Aided Graph Designing. Characteristics, Commercial names and end uses of the fabrics woven with different weaves of the course

Weft knit structures: Representation and characteristics of weft knit fabric structures -Single jersey, Rib, Purl, Interlock. Derivatives of single and double jersey structures: Accordion type of fabrics, plaited fabrics, 2X2 rib structure, half cardigan, full cardigan, eight lock, Ponte-di-Roma, Ottoman rib, Bourrelet, Texi- pique, Pin-tuck, Milano rib, French pique, Swiss pique

Warp knit structures: Representation and characteristics of warp knit fabric structures. Point Paper, Chain-Link Notation, single fabrics, Chain stitch, Tricot lap, Full tricot, Lock Knit, Reverse Lock Knit, satin, Loop raided fabrics, Queen's cord, Sharkskin, Blind lap, open work effects, Marquisette, sand- flair net, Hexagonal net. Characteristics, Commercial names and end uses of the fabrics/garments woven with different weft and warp knit structures


COURSE OUTCOMES:: Upon completion of the course, students will be able to
Upon completion of this course, the student shall be able to  Design and describe the construction of basic weaves and simple weaves  Design and describe the construction of compound weaves  Design and describe the construction of pile weaves, jacquard designs, and define the commercial names of woven fabrics  Design and describe the weft knit structures  Design and describe the warp knit structures and define the commercial names of knitted fabrics

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