MX3083 Syllabus - Film Appreciation - 2021 Regulation Anna University

MX3083 Syllabus - Film Appreciation - 2021 Regulation Anna University



 L T P C


In this course on film appreciation, the students will be introduced broadly to the development of film as an art and entertainment form. It will also discuss the language of cinema as it evolved over a century. The students will be taught as to how to read a film and appreciate the various nuances of a film as a text. The students will be guided to study film joyfully.

Theme - A:

The Component of Films

A-1: The material and equipment
A-2: The story, screenplay and script
A-3: The actors, crew members, and the director
A-4: The process of film making… structure of a film

Theme - B:

Evolution of Film Language

B-1: Film language, form, movement etc.
B-2: Early cinema… silent film (Particularly French)
B-3: The emergence of feature films: Birth of a Nation
B-4: Talkies

Theme - C:

Film Theories and Criticism/Appreciation

C-1: Realist theory; Auteurists
C-2: Psychoanalytic, Ideological, Feminists
C-3: How to read films?
C-4: Film Criticism / Appreciation

Theme - D:

Development of Films

D-1: Representative Soviet films
D-2: Representative Japanese films
D-3: Representative Italian films
D-4: Representative Hollywood film and the studio system

Theme - E:

Indian Films

E-1: The early era
E-2: The important films made by the directors
E-3: The regional films
E-4: The documentaries in India

A Reader containing important articles on films will be prepared and given to the students. The students must read them and present in the class and have discussion on these.


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