PTCS3811 Syllabus - Project Work - 2023 Regulation Anna University

PTCS3811 Syllabus - Project Work - 2023 Regulation Anna University



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To train the students
      • For gaining domain knowledge, and technical skills to solve potential business / research problems
      • Gather requirements and Design suitable software solutions and evaluate alternatives
      • To work in small teams and understand the processes and practices in the ‘industry.
      • Implement, Test and deploy solutions for target platforms
      • Preparing project reports and presentation

The students shall individually / or as group work on business/research domains and related problems approved by the Department / organization that offered the internship / project.

The student can select any topic which is relevant to his/her specialization of the programme. The student should continue the work on the selected topic as per the formulated methodology. At the end of the semester, after completing the work to the satisfaction of the supervisor and review committee, a detailed report which contains clear definition of the identified problem, detailed literature review related to the area of work and methodology for carrying out the work, results and discussion, conclusion and references should be prepared as per the format prescribed by the University and submitted to the Head of the department. The students will be evaluated based on the report and viva-voce examination by a panel of examiners as per the Regulations.


COURSE OUTCOMES: At the end of the project, the student will be able to
CO1: Gain Domain knowledge and technical skill set required for solving industry / research problems
CO2: Provide solution architecture, module level designs, algorithms
CO3: Implement, test and deploy the solution for the target platform
CO4: Prepare detailed technical report, demonstrate and present the work


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